New York City, Part One

New York City, Part One (Ottawa Photographers)

I have wanted to go to New York City since I was a teenager. I have seen so many photos of Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, etc.  And of course, when I watched Seinfeld and Sex and the City it made me love the city even more, so naturally I wanted to go and visit to see what it was really like.

I finally had the opportunity to go to New York City with my sister this past November.  Personally, I would have preferred to have gone in September or even mid-October, but my sister was unable to get time off of work until November, so that is why we went then.  And don’t you know our flight arrived between two storms–Hurricane Sandy and another storm.  We flew into Newark airport and a few hours later the airport was closed.  However, we were truly blessed on this trip because the morning that we arrived, the tunnel connecting New Jersey to New York was opened that morning (it was flooded up to 15 feet of water) as well as the subway that we needed to take to get around opened up all of the way (it was also closed due to flooding from Hurricane Sandy).  Here is a photo that I took of the New York Post front page on November 7 (the day after the storm).  At least they can find some humour in their situation.


My sister and I purchased a two day New York City pass when we arrived.  For $139 it not only allows you to enter 70 various NYC attractions, but it also lets you skip the line in a lot of them as well, which can sometimes come in handy when you don’t want to wait 30+ minutes in a line.  With our pass, we visited:

We would have visited the Statue of Liberty, but it was closed for repairs due to the hurricane.  We ate at the famous Ellen’s Stardust Diner, which was an interesting experience.  And where else could you find Hello Kitty, Darth Vader, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sponge Bob and The Naked Cowboy all in one location, other than Times Square?  For five bucks, we got our photo taken with Chewy, Darth Vader and a storm trooper.  Good times for sure.

new york city times square star wars

I must also mention that we got a pretty good deal on a hotel/hostel in New York City.  We stayed at the Broadway Hotel (Broadway/101st Street).  But don’t actually book through their website.  You get a much better deal to book them through This is not out of the ordinary to get a better deal by booking through a website that is not owned by the hotel you are booking.  I have seen this other times when I have booked hotels.  (You don’t get to visit as many places as I have on a relatively small budget without being a money savvy traveler.)  To anyone planning on visiting New York City, you will not be disappointed.  I will add more photos of New York City later.


My Pinterest

My Pinterests (Ottawa Photographers)

For anyone looking for wedding ideas (or cooking or party ideas for that matter), take a look at my Pinterest page:

Love to and from Japan

Love to and from Japan (Ottawa Photographers)

In 2006 I moved to Nagoya 名古屋市, Japan to teach English as a second language (ESL).  I had already taught for six months in Korea the year before, so I decided to do it once more before settling down for good.  I had the good fortune to be chosen to work at a small preschool, which had roughly 14 students.  Most were about 2 years old.

I loved teaching those precious little kiddies.  They were so unbelievably cute and full of life.  I guess the Japanese people would call them genki.  Although I loved all of those kiddies dearly, there was one little girl particularly close to my heart.  Her name is Kosuzu.  She was always smiley, loved to sing and dance and she loved me.  I loved her like I would love a daughter.  Although there was a language barrier, I could tell that both of her parents were very nice and kind.  We would communicate to each other through the Japanese teacher that worked with me.

At the end of the year when I was going back to Canada, all of the parents gave me parting gifts, which was very thoughtful.  But the present that was the dearest to me was from Kosuzu’s mother.  When I opened it I saw a beautiful hand knit baby blanket.  I was told that this was little Kosuzu’s baby blanket that her grandmother had made for her.  Kosuzu’s mother said that she knew that I loved little Kosuzu and that she knew that I would cherish it.  She also told me that I could use it when I had my own baby.

Fast forward five years later when I give birth to my own child.  I wanted to use it for her newborn photos, but I took so many other ones that I didn’t get around to taking any with this treasured blanket.  Until now.  My daughter is now 6.5 months old and she can sit up on her own.  Yay!  So I thought that it would be fitting to finally take some portraits of her sitting on little Kosuzu’s baby blanket.

I often think about little Kosuzu and I wonder how she is doing.  I wish that I had their e-mail address.  I do have their mailing address, so I will need to get on with writing a letter to them since I haven’t written to them in years.  (I am so bad at snail mail.)  😦

I hope that you enjoy the photos that I took of my precious little girl sitting on the blanket of another precious little girl that I will always love.

To Japan and to Kosuzu with love,

Linda 🙂


I saw this on what should we call wedding photography’s website.  I thought this was pretty funny because it’s so true.  If anyone is looking for a destination wedding photographer, I would LOVE to be your photographer!  I love to travel and I love to take photos, so combining both of my loves would be absolute heaven for me.  🙂


Self Portraits (Ottawa photographers)

As annoying as it is to carry, I always travel with a tripod, so I am always taking self-portraits. (I don’t trust asking regular people to take my photos anymore because they have failed far too many times, but I didn’t find out back in the days of film until after I returned home from my trip.)  😦

I just came upon a website called Photo Tuts today, in which I went over an article featuring “100 Seriously Cool Self Portraits“.  I was totally blown away by so many A.M.A.Z.I.N.G self portraits taken by so many talented people.  I have been inspired.  When the nicer weather comes, I am definitely going out to take a bunch of self portraits.  Especially in this day and age of digital photography, I think that everyone should grab their camera and have fun taking fun and original self-portraits (I’m not talking about those annoying ones people take in front of the mirror in their bathroom either.)  A tripod will help you be able to set up your shot much better than hand holding your camera (all though those kinds of shots can be fun, as long as you’re not in your freaking bathroom or in front of a mirror.)

But before you go there, I wanted to add a few self-portraits that I have taken over the years. (Some have been scanned from prints in the days before digital photography.)  😉

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My travel list (Ottawa Photographers)

As I stated in my last post of the countries that I’ve visited, Here is the list of the remaining countries that I still want to visit (in no particular order):

*I know that Antarctica is a continent–not a country (no country lays claim on it), but I still wanna visit it!

I don’t doubt that my list will get longer as I cross off more countries on my list.  Since I was kid, I have wanted to visit every continent before I die and I’m slowly crossing off the list:

  • Africa
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • Australia/Oceana
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe

Destination Wedding Photography (Ottawa Wedding Photographers)

World Traveller (Ottawa Photographers)

For anyone looking for a destination wedding photographer, pick me! Pick me! Why you ask?  Because I LOVE to travel!!!!!  I can’t get enough of it!  I am a well-seasoned world traveller.  My cameras and Lowepro camera backpack have seen their fair share of the world let me tell you.

My list of countries that I’ve travelled around in order are:

  1. Canada (from coast to coast–I’ve also lived in Ontario, Alberta, BC & Québec)
  2. USA (21 states so far)
  3. Portugal (1988)
  4. Spain (1988)
  5. England (1992 & 2003)
  6. Scotland (1992)
  7. Isle of Man (1992)
  8. Denmark (1996)
  9. Sweden (1996)
  10. France (1999)
  11. Monaco (1999)
  12. Italy (1999 & 2003)
  13. Vatican City (1999)
  14. Greece (2003)
  15. South Korea (2005–I taught ESL for 6 months)
  16. Mongolia (2005)
  17. China (2005)
  18. Thailand (2005)
  19. Cambodia (2005)
  20. Vietnam (2005)
  21. Laos (2005)
  22. Japan (2006–I taught ESL for 1 year)
  23. Dominican Republic (2013)
  24. Cuba (2014)

(And if flight layovers count, then I’ve also been to Iceland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong & Taiwan.)  :p

When I was younger, I made quite a long list of countries that I wanted to visit.  Fortunately I have had the opportunity and privilege of being able to visit many of them so far.  However, my list is not finished.  You can check out my list of the remainder of the countries that I still want to visit.

Here are a few photos that I have taken while on my world travels.  Enjoy.  😀

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