Photography: You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for | Ottawa Photographers

I just saw this illustration online referring to graphic design and how you get what you pay for.  I had to post it here because it also pertains to photography as well.  Pick two options:

I will say one thing though.  If someone is portfolio building, they may either do a free photo session or charge very little in order to get people to pose for them for their portfolio (ie. shooting family, baby or maternity photos).  Personally, I think this is ok, EXCEPT when a bride & groom decide to use them as their wedding photographer, instead of hiring a professional.  If the photographer is doing it to build a portfolio, they don’t have experience; therefore, they are essentially using your wedding to practice.  Do you really want someone PRACTICING while shooting your wedding?  Are you sure that you really want to play Russian roulette with your wedding photos?  Sadly, if they mess up, there are NO reshoots for a wedding.


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