Gatineau photographers one year cake smash

Gatineau Cake Smash Photo Session with Baby J

Last week I shot some cake smash photos of little baby J.  This is not the first time that I have photographed this little boy.  I did some family portraits of him, his sister, maman and papa this past spring.

You never know how a one year old is going to react to a cake smash session.  Some start crying and want nothing to do with the cake, while others are loving the sugary goodness.  This little boy was totally loving the sweetness of his predicament and I was able to capture some of those gooey moments.

For anyone interested in booking a cake smash photo session for their baby (one year cake smash or two year cake smash), contact me to book your session.  I shoot them in my home in L’Ange Gardien or outdoors in Ottawa or Gatineau. Send me an e-mail and I can send you my price list.  Meanwhile, enjoy the cake smash photos of this little man.  You can check out more of my cake smash photography in my photo gallery.







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