Remic Rapids Rock Sculptures

Balanced Rock Art Ottawa

For anyone who has lived in Ottawa for a while and is in the know, they will know about the rock sculptures at Remic Rapids Park.  Within my first year of moving to Ottawa, I had a good friend take me there for a summer outing.  I was blown away by these sculptures standing in and out of the water, free from anything keeping them together, except gravity and some sweat and hard work.  John Ceprano is the artist who began making these beautiful stone sculptures in Ottawa back in 1986.

While I was scouting out the location for an engagement photo shoot, I had the good fortune to actually see and meet Mr. John Ceprano himself with some other passersby.  Although I had zero clue of what he actually looked like, it was hard to miss the man standing in the water using a rock to hammer another rock onto one of the rock sculptures.

It was really cool to get an inside scoop about this year’s sculptures.  He told us that this year’s theme is called “Wonderland” and it involves Ulysses & Prometheus, who visit Alice in Wonderland.  Only a true artist would mix Greek mythology with Lewis Carroll’s story.  Loved it.

This past August 2013, Ottawa hosted its first International Stone Balancing Festival.  The first International Stone balancing festival was held in Ancona, Italy in 2012, which John attended.  For more information or to donate to Ottawa Rock Art (ORA), please go to the official website.  So, without further ado, enjoy the photos of some amazing balanced rock art made by a great artist.



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