Ottawa photographers portrait session

Spring Arboretum Portraits

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while to get together with another professional portrait photographer and do a photography exchange.  What I mean by that is that I would photograph a portrait session of another photographer and she would shoot a session of me.

I really wanted some portraits taken of myself with my daughter.  I have a tonne of professional photos that I have taken of her as well as some of her with her father and brother (which is a feat in itself since they don’t like to have their pictures taken).  However, I wanted some professional portraits with her and I together (besides the few that I have set up myself on a tripod).  So a few months ago, I asked Heather if she wanted to do a photography exchange.  (Heather started second shooting weddings with me last year and she is a very talented photographer, so I knew that I could get some nice photos from her).  Heather was excited to do this photography portrait exchange and she asked me if Carla (of Carla Dawes Photography) could join in our portrait session.  Carla is also an amazing wedding photographer, so of course I had no problem with that.

The day came and we all met at the arboretum to do our portrait sessions with the beautiful cherry and apple blossoms as our dreamy backdrop.  Heather had her daughter, Carla had her son and I had my daughter.  I must admit that these portrait sessions were harder than any photo session that I’ve done (except, maybe, of my own child).  None of us thought about three little kids wanting to just run around outside with each other and not want to sit still for portraits.  However, all three of us managed to get some beautiful portraits of each other with our children.

I hope that you will enjoy these photos of some beautiful and talented ladies with their cute children.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Heather and Carla for not only participating in this photo shoot, but also for taking photos of my daughter and I.

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