Gatineau Park E-Session

Gatineau Park Engagement Portraits (Ottawa Portrait Photographers)

A few weeks ago I photographed Duane and Michelle’s engagement portrait session at a couple of spots in Gatineau park.  First we met at the MacKenzie King Estate, where the beautiful ruins are located.  It was a nice warm, sunny day.  Despite the fact that we were followed around by a gazillion bugs, I was able to get some nice shots of the two of them.

After we left the Mackenzie King Estate, we went to another spot in Gatineau park where we shot some photos by a small creek.   Michelle is a biologist and works at a conservation area.  She happens to love “cricks” and wanted to have her photos taken by one.   While walking along the creek, we saw a turtle laying her eggs.   I learned two new things from Michelle while photographing their e-session.  Did you know that female turtles don’t reach sexual maturity until they are eight years old?  AND did you also know that the temperature of the eggs while they’re buried determines the sex of the baby turtles?  Me neither, but now you and I both know.  Use those facts at the next party you attend and I will guarantee that people will be impressed.

Looking forward to shooting their wedding at Monterey Hotel in August.

Update:  Check out Duane and Michelle’s wedding photos.

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