All in the family

All in the Family (Ottawa family portrait photographer)

A few weeks ago I went home to visit my family over in the suburbs of Toronto.  While there I visited my sister, brother-in-law and my niece and nephew.  We try to get together at least once while I am visiting, but this time there was another reason too.  You see, my niece was going to be turning 20 and my sister asked me if I could do a photo shoot of my niece.  Of course, I couldn’t refuse.  I mean, she’s my niece and a pretty one at that.  (My nephew isn’t too shabby either.) My sister and I did a combined birthday gift.  My sister had my niece’s hair done at a salon and I did the photo shoot.  We went over some of her outfits to wear to get the right look.  I also included my nephew in some of the shots too, which was nice because  I haven’t taken portraits of the two of them in over 10 years when they were kids.

I am happy to say that half of my life has included these two people.  There were a number of years that I didn’t see them as often (when I moved to Vancouver after university for a few years as well as teaching ESL in Asia).  However, when I returned from Japan at the end of 2006, I moved to Ottawa at the beginning of 2007 and since then we see each other every few months, which I think is pretty darn good considering there is about a five hour drive between our homes.

We went to Richmond Green Park for the photo shoot, which had some really nice spots to take photos.  We even saw a few weddings being photographed while we were there.  It was a VERY windy afternoon when I did this photo shoot, so it was pretty hard to get shots without hair blowing everywhere.  However, I am happy that I managed to get some really great shots, despite the wind.

One great thing with doing portraits for your own family, is that you can also get your other family members to be your photography assistants.  Ha!  Ha!  One was the stylist in charge of hair and clothes (which was important for all of the wind that we had during the shoot), another one held the reflector, another one was babysitting my daughter during the shoot (thanks mom!) and two others were in charge of watching my photography equipment.  With all of the extra help that I had, it made it easier to get some great shots, so without further ado I hope that you enjoy the photos of my favourite nephew and niece.

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