Natural light photography (Ottawa baby photographers)

Natural light photography (Ottawa Gatineau baby photographers)

Last week I was out shopping and came across this metal tub.  As a photographer, I am always on the lookout for cool looking photography props to use in photos.  I get very excited when I find something unique that I can use–especially for baby and children’s portraits.  As soon as I saw this metal tub, the wheels began turning of the possibilities that  I could use it for in photos.

I live out in the country, so this tub went very well for an outdoor farm style photo shoot.  I just had to wait until the weather warmed up enough for me to take photos of my daughter in a bubble bath.

As I have written before, I do one or two photo shoots a month of my daughter in order to record the first two years of her life in professional photos.  Yes, I still take photos of her with a point and shoot camera, like everyone else.  I just prefer to have professional photos of her as well.

I hope that you enjoy these fun spring photos of my little girl.

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One thought on “Natural light photography (Ottawa baby photographers)

  1. Timing is important for shooting these kinds of photos. Cute photos of baby are shot here. Its not that easy to take nice child photos.

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