Cake Smash

One year baby cake smash photography (Ottawa Photographers)

Well, I shot my second cake smash yesterday with another cute one-year-old little girl.  We were supposed to do it the day before, but it started raining and it was meant to be an outdoor shoot.  Thus, we postponed the photo shoot to yesterday morning and the rain pretty much held off until just after the photo shoot was finished.  Thank goodness!

Momma T brought a cute little cake trimmed with pink, white and yellow icing.  Unlike my first cake smash photo session, little J was more than willing to eat the sugary goodness that was placed in front of her.  It just filled her little face with lots of various smiles.

I really enjoy taking photos of little babies and small children. I just love how they can really live in the moment and just be themselves.  We could learn a thing or two about this as adults.  I think that if we took things a little less seriously that our stress levels would be so much lower and life would be so much sweeter.  But that is a whole different blog.  For now, let them eat cake.  🙂

If you are interested in booking a cake smash photo session for your baby (one year cake smash or two year cake smash), contact me for a price list.  I shoot these sessions either in my home in L’Ange Gardien or outdoors in Ottawa or Gatineau.


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