Love to and from Japan

Love to and from Japan (Ottawa Photographers)

In 2006 I moved to Nagoya 名古屋市, Japan to teach English as a second language (ESL).  I had already taught for six months in Korea the year before, so I decided to do it once more before settling down for good.  I had the good fortune to be chosen to work at a small preschool, which had roughly 14 students.  Most were about 2 years old.

I loved teaching those precious little kiddies.  They were so unbelievably cute and full of life.  I guess the Japanese people would call them genki.  Although I loved all of those kiddies dearly, there was one little girl particularly close to my heart.  Her name is Kosuzu.  She was always smiley, loved to sing and dance and she loved me.  I loved her like I would love a daughter.  Although there was a language barrier, I could tell that both of her parents were very nice and kind.  We would communicate to each other through the Japanese teacher that worked with me.

At the end of the year when I was going back to Canada, all of the parents gave me parting gifts, which was very thoughtful.  But the present that was the dearest to me was from Kosuzu’s mother.  When I opened it I saw a beautiful hand knit baby blanket.  I was told that this was little Kosuzu’s baby blanket that her grandmother had made for her.  Kosuzu’s mother said that she knew that I loved little Kosuzu and that she knew that I would cherish it.  She also told me that I could use it when I had my own baby.

Fast forward five years later when I give birth to my own child.  I wanted to use it for her newborn photos, but I took so many other ones that I didn’t get around to taking any with this treasured blanket.  Until now.  My daughter is now 6.5 months old and she can sit up on her own.  Yay!  So I thought that it would be fitting to finally take some portraits of her sitting on little Kosuzu’s baby blanket.

I often think about little Kosuzu and I wonder how she is doing.  I wish that I had their e-mail address.  I do have their mailing address, so I will need to get on with writing a letter to them since I haven’t written to them in years.  (I am so bad at snail mail.)  😦

I hope that you enjoy the photos that I took of my precious little girl sitting on the blanket of another precious little girl that I will always love.

To Japan and to Kosuzu with love,

Linda 🙂


3 thoughts on “Love to and from Japan

  1. Update. I contacted my boss from the school that I worked at in Japan and I gave her the address of Kosuzu’s family. My boss went to the address to see if they were home, but they weren’t so she left a message for them to contact her. She forwarded me some recent photos of little Kosuzu (who is not so little anymore) as well as their e-mail address. I forwarded them some photos of me, my family and my daughter. I am so happy that I found them again. 🙂

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