Children’s Illustration (Ottawa Photographers)

This past weekend I went home to my parents’ house for their Canada day party.  It was nice to see my extended family as well as friends.  While I was there, I did some copy work for one of my favourite cousins, Tia Mushka.  She is an artist in the truest sense.  She is a sculptor, mixed media artist as well as a children’s story book illustrator.  Her art work is just incredible.  I love how she incorporates mixed media into her illustrations.  I have the privilege of owning some of her artwork as we have swapped talents a few times for our mutual benefit.

Check out more of her portfolio on her actual website.  I’m sure that you will enjoy her artwork as much as I do.  🙂


One thought on “Children’s Illustration (Ottawa Photographers)

  1. Absoulutely Marvelous Photography on the Most Wonderful Artistry llustration Work of Tia Mushka’s for her Literary Children’s Books… Ingenious Pieces of Work for Littl Minds. ❤

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