Kudos to moms everywhere (Ottawa Photographers)

My little girl is now five months old and I am still struggling to get even normal everyday things accomplished.  It’s only been about two months since I finally have some sort of routine (which isn’t always so routine at times).  Ok, to be honest, I only have a morning routine.  As long as I can wash her bottles, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, shower, check my e-mails, possibly do a little sudoku and even do some laundry or other household chore (notice there’s no “s” as more than one household chore rarely happens unless you count turning on the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time 2 different chores)  🙂 before the next feeding and then her nap time, I am happy as can be.  Since I still get up in the early hours to feed her, I try to take a nap when she takes her nap, which can last from two-three hours.  However, I find myself torn quite a bit to either take a much needed nap or seize the opportunity to do some photography-related work.  Needless to say I have been pretty tired as of late.

Afternoons are a whole other ball of wax.  Most of my afternoons are filled with trying to entertain my baby as well as try to get some other little things done, such as possibly cooking dinner, going grocery shopping, etc.  As a new mother, I really find it hard to strike a balance.  I really admire women who have more than one child and are able to keep their sanity.  And mothers who also work full-time, you rock.

After fighting her regular morning nap today, my little girl finally succumbed to sleep and was out like a light for several hours.  This gave me the opportunity to finally upload photos from many photo shoots that I’ve done of her over the last few months.  I then was able to finally work on some of these photos.  I have been admiring her little face for the last few hours.  I hope that you can have the same pleasure.  Enjoy.



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