Destination Wedding Photography (Ottawa Wedding Photographers)

World Traveller (Ottawa Photographers)

For anyone looking for a destination wedding photographer, pick me! Pick me! Why you ask?  Because I LOVE to travel!!!!!  I can’t get enough of it!  I am a well-seasoned world traveller.  My cameras and Lowepro camera backpack have seen their fair share of the world let me tell you.

My list of countries that I’ve travelled around in order are:

  1. Canada (from coast to coast–I’ve also lived in Ontario, Alberta, BC & Québec)
  2. USA (21 states so far)
  3. Portugal (1988)
  4. Spain (1988)
  5. England (1992 & 2003)
  6. Scotland (1992)
  7. Isle of Man (1992)
  8. Denmark (1996)
  9. Sweden (1996)
  10. France (1999)
  11. Monaco (1999)
  12. Italy (1999 & 2003)
  13. Vatican City (1999)
  14. Greece (2003)
  15. South Korea (2005–I taught ESL for 6 months)
  16. Mongolia (2005)
  17. China (2005)
  18. Thailand (2005)
  19. Cambodia (2005)
  20. Vietnam (2005)
  21. Laos (2005)
  22. Japan (2006–I taught ESL for 1 year)
  23. Dominican Republic (2013)
  24. Cuba (2014)

(And if flight layovers count, then I’ve also been to Iceland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong & Taiwan.)  :p

When I was younger, I made quite a long list of countries that I wanted to visit.  Fortunately I have had the opportunity and privilege of being able to visit many of them so far.  However, my list is not finished.  You can check out my list of the remainder of the countries that I still want to visit.

Here are a few photos that I have taken while on my world travels.  Enjoy.  😀

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1 thought on “Destination Wedding Photography (Ottawa Wedding Photographers)

  1. You truly are a world traveller! I/we have been to some of those countries. Too bad Mike and I are already married—we would have LOVED taking you along with us to New Zealand. I would have been more happy with my wedding photos. But that’s another story…..

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